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Client has inherited family home from mother.  Property sitting a substantial gain.


If someone owns businesses premises that are partly let out and partly used in the owners limited company business, presumably this isn't a business property for Capital Gains Tax CGTA 1992 S.165 G


Brief scenario : 2 properties owned, both run as FHL (meeting HMRC criteria) and generating profits. One will result in a capital gain on sale, the other a capital loss.


I am trying to calculate the loss on the sale of a house which has been (without a change of ownership): a second home, a Principal Private Residence and then let out as a Furnished Holiday Let whe


A client has come to me asking about the CGT treatment of a fund they are interested in investing in.

Capital gains tax (CGT) is calculated based on sale proceeds received for an asset less the acquisition cost and any other associated costs.

My father who is a non-UK resident owns a house in UK that he is looking to gift to me.


Help! Calculating CGT liability from investments bought in the 1960's:


Hi, is it possible to defer CGT/Corporation Tax when a limited company sells shares from its own portfolio of UK Listed share holdings and makes a gain ?