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Further to a recent question of mine, I have been tasked with finding a way around the 28% rate of CGT for a client of mine who wishes to dispose of his entire residential letting portfolio.


Back in 2011, a husband and wife client incorporated their partnership (estate agents) and a goodwill figure of £60,000 was accepted by HMRC in response to our Post Transaction Valuation Check.


I have a client who has owned and run a residential lettings 'business' for some thirty years. The portfolio consists of six properties, and totals 14 lettable units.


I have been approached to act for a client whose previous advisors valued future soletrader music royalties as Goodwill and disposed of this Goodwill to Newco Ltd, a close company.


Working out how much capital gains tax (CGT) is due on the goodwill of an accounting firm that has been sold can be tricky, but a recent tribunal may help.

I have a query regarding the 'new rules' on cap on loss reliefs.


Dear AW

I have a corporate client who I've advised for a while.   The director has asked me to look into a family matter of his, completely separate from the work I've been doing.


Parent is lower rate tax payer, son is higher rate tax payer.

Parent wants to give a property to their son.



A client sold 75% of ordinary shares in her own personal company approx. 11 months after the company commenced trading