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The government has announced two important changes to capital gains tax (CGT) in the Autumn Statement 2013:

1. Private Residence Relief (PRR)

My client has owned a property that was his home until he moved country.  The property market was very poor so he let it out for 8 years and sold it last year.


George Osborne, they say, is considering charging capital gains tax (CGT) on the sale


My client left the UK in early 2004.  He went to live in Sweden with his girlfriend and they have worked there and have a family.


I'm fairly sure I know that answer to this but can't find anything absolutely definitive so would appreciate some clarification from the brains trust:




Could someone please help me with how I go about calculating the gain made on the sale of an outbuilding with land which was attached to my rental property?


Example: A woman (Miss X) and her stepmother (Mrs Y) purchase a residential property on a 50%/50% basis: 1 The Street, Anytown.


If a company is started and qualifies for EIS relief is their any barrier to it changing its trade after the 3 year period?  I would think if that was the intention at the start then it would be ca


A High Court judge has ruled that chartered accountant Alan Purnell must pay a fo