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I wonder if anyone can help with this question. I would like to get your basic thoughts on whether there is CGT to pay in this scenario. 


Proposed changes to capital gains rules for companies may be too narrow and amount to "selective simplification", according to Baker Tilly.

I've always understood that it is not possible to hold-over a gain net of in year/b/f capital losses because the claim is asset specific.


With the new statutory residence test due to come in from April next year, taxpayers contemplating emigration have to prepare themselves to commit to a five-year period abroad, and comply with

From 2000 until 2007 I worked in the United States for a European based multinational company.  I did not have a green card but was resident in the US under an L1 visa.  I am British and since the


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I have a client who, although he has always been within self-assessment, has not submitted a tax return since 2007/08.


As the Olympic torch relay makes its way around the country HMRC has published guidance on ‘Selling


Hi i wonder if anyone can help on this - i own a rental house which as bought about 12 years ago, At the time of purchase i already owned my own home on which was beginning a process of refurbishme


Clients, say to be original, A & B were trading in farming partnership.  They owned jointly among other assets land and a slaughterhouse.