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I have a client who, although he has always been within self-assessment, has not submitted a tax return since 2007/08.


As the Olympic torch relay makes its way around the country HMRC has published guidance on ‘Selling


Hi i wonder if anyone can help on this - i own a rental house which as bought about 12 years ago, At the time of purchase i already owned my own home on which was beginning a process of refurbishme


Clients, say to be original, A & B were trading in farming partnership.  They owned jointly among other assets land and a slaughterhouse.


Client is additional rate taxpayer and transferred various shares to wife (who is a basic rate taxpayer) over the years.


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Hopefully somebody can clarify this...

These tables reflect announcements made between December 2011 and March 2012.


Is it possible to transfer a personally owned investment property into a limited company without incurring CGT, assuming it shows a profit on cost of course? 


An individual owns a campsite/caravan park.

The park trades through a limited company although the individual is the owner of the freehold.