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CGT is really not my area so I wondered if anyone knew a quick answer to my question - if not I shall pursue further!


The upper tribunal has ruled that a painting by Sir Joshua Reynolds is a “wasting asset” and exempt from c


I have a client which is growing and who'd like to structure his business into a group. Co A is the original LTD co.


I have a client company which is very profitable (profits approx. £1m pa) - it has three shareholders all owning 30 ordinary shares each.


I run a business (I am an employee and major shareholder) that has received an investment round approximately 2 years ago, and we now have an interested party who want to utilise some assets we hav


I have a client who sold the trade and assets of their sole trader business in November 2011.  I have prepared the accounts to 30 November 2011.  I understand that I include the loss to that date i


A husband and wife paid a deposit for a new build property in Bucharest but it fell behind schedule and they exercised a get out clause to have the money refunded plus penalties.


These tables reflect announcements made in December 2012.


We have a client that run a company involved in property. There is an enquiry with HMRC re roll over relief.