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Blackacre Limited (BL) provides game shooting facilities (including the provision of beaters, lunches, drinks, booking of accommodation etc).


A couple in the process of getting divorced have 3 rental properties each jointly owned.  They became permenately seperated in the tax year 12-13 but are not currently divorced.  As I understand if


Do any members have any information on whether there are any CGT reliefs when selling a buy-to let domestic property, when another property is bought as replacement.


Owners of stately homes are a fairly rare breed but those that open their doors to the public will be considering whether they can benefit from a recent Court of Appeal Case.


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My client was a tenant in his only home. About 10 years ago he then bought the property and let it out. He ceased to live there as soon as he bought it.



I see now that I am calculating incorrectly using CGT instead of income tax.

This question is wrong - please ignore...


I have a client who acquired a property overseas during a tax year in which he was absent from the UK throughout.

If a client makes a qualifying SEIS investment in 2013/14 or 2014/15 (which won't be carried-back) on which he'll be claiming 50% income tax relief, can he use all the investment for the EIS deferr