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charitable donations

Interesting situation - a client of ours wishes to make additional charitable donations through his company, so as to reduce the profits and therefore the Corp tax liability.  Is there a limit on C


The Chancellor has dropped plans to limit tax relief on individual charitable giving after mounting protests from charities.


The government is clearly pandering to the masses ie the unrich people . Can't call them poor as this is not politically correct.


The controversy surrounding the government’s cap on the amount of tax reliefs available for major donations is the latest fiasco facing the Chancellor and has continued to cause shock waves acr


I work in a manufacturing company where we have several staff who work inspecting the goods built ensuring they are good for sale.


An attempt by the government to encourage people to leave money to charities in their wills has “fundamental defects” and should be replaced, the Chartered Institute of Taxation (CIOT) has said

George Osborne allocated a large part of his Budget speech to new measures designed to encourage people to give more to charity.


If a limited company makes charitable donations which takes the company into a tax loss for the current period; can the resultant loss be carried forward as a trading loss into the next period?