The principal trustee of a charity, who tried to steal over £100,000 in a fraud involving tax relief on gift aid, has been sentenced after an investigation by


Recently it was divulged which parts of the UK were paying the most and least tax. The average British taxpayer contributes £4,985 to the UK’s upkeep.


I have just taken on a new client who runs a social club for OAPs, there's about 30-40 members and she has been advised to register as a charity in order for her to get funding - particularly for m


When was the last time a young unemployed Colombian inspired an accountant?


We've just ended our first financial year, whilst we didn't do fantastically, my business partner and I paid ourselves enough to live within our means and had a little left over for buffer.


Is there a practice out there local to the Hope Valley, Bakewell or Chesterfield that can advise a small community group charity on VAT issues including on buildings?


Loring v Woodland Trust [2013] EWHC 4400 Ch highlights the care that must be taken when interpreting (and drafting) nil rate band legacies in wills and undertaking inheritance tax planning.

I have 2/3 questions:


The CCAB, a lobby group representing the main accountancy institutes, wants to hear how financial reporting rules for charities can be improved.



I'm looking into buying some accounts software for preparation of statutory Charity accounts and wondered if anybody had any recommendations (or warnings!).