child benefit

The High Income Tax Benefit Charge (HITBC) has led to problems, with many people who


HMRC has dismissed claims that letters sent to child benefit recipients inviting them to consider whether they should pay the


We act for the wife out of a couple with two children.

The wife's income is just over the child benefit withdrawal threshold. The husband's income is more.


Theoretically everybody still registers for Child Benefit even if they are a higher rate tax payer for various reasons (pension entitlement, child is in system to receive NI card etc.)


It’s the last day to file your tax return.

Hundreds of thousands of families losing child benefit payments this year need to "get off their backsides" and fill in extra forms to avoid being fined by the tax


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I have husband and wife clients who are higher earners and need to repay Child Benefit.


Individuals earning more than £50,000 who have failed to opt out of child benefit and do not register for self assessment by 5 October risk being severely fined.



I have a client in receipt of child benefit whose PAYE salary plus self employment takes them to a gross income of £67K


A colleague has just advised me that if anyone is unsure about whether it is them who is liable to the charge for clawing back Child Benefit, HMRC will advise them if their former partner or their