If my client is not set up as a PAYE employer due to not paying himself a salary in year 1, how do I go about reclaiming any CIS deductions incurred throughout the year?


I noticed last quarter that client paid £600 to Mr White but didn't get an invoice. I had a nasty feeling that this was a subcontractor for whom client didn't deduct CIS payment.


Have prepared mar and apr 13 CIS returns but with the wrong figures. Can these be amended ? Are there any penalties / interest ?


we have a client who did not deduct CIS and pay it over at the appropriate time. This was voluntereed on our instruction  and as aresult some £15k of tax was paid.


I have a potential new client who is coming in to see me shortly.


I have a client who repairs agricultural equipment. He operates in a partnership, and does not have any employees. He uses subcontractors when additional labour is needed.


Company A is developing a property. It is using as its main subcontractor company B. Mr X owns both companies.


A CIS contractor that i have been dealing with as a sole trader wants to set up as a limited company to avoid paying such high tax as he is self employed.


We process payroll for a couple of recruitment agencies and one of them is looking to move into the construction sector.