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Hi there.

I was doing a quick review of my competition and I have stumbled upon this accounting practice.

New client registered CIS scheme over phone 2 weeks ago. We now have ref numbers and I applied for agent status a week ago when he became a client.


Does anyone have any recommendations for CIS software for currently 300 subcontractors and growing.


I have a client who needs to register as a sub-contractor.


Hi guys,


Quick question. I work for a construction company who uses a factoring company to help with cashflow. 



Hi  I act as a bookkeeper for a engineering company.


We subcontracted some work out to a subcontractor who was in the process of forming his Limited Company.



The construction industry gets more than its fair share of attention from HMRC, says SJD Accountan

The total deductions were about £1000 but HMRC have said the penalties will be £1200 (£100 for 12 months).


I have been discussing CIS with a client who is looking at taking on a new sub-contractor who is 16 years old.