Does anyone know of any cost effective software that enables PAYE and CIS payments to be made which then trigger an email to the recipient to state at the very least that a payment has been made bu


We sent two submissions yesterday. One was a CIS return and one a P46 (car). Both are showing as still outstanding but we've had a new code for the person with the car today.


confused by travelling expenses and CIS - is there anything that says that HMRC do not permit fuel purchased for travel as an expense for the purposes of reducing the sub-contractor’s gross charge


New client has been in CIS scheme as contractor since Oct 2010 but has only been deducting tax from 3 people since then.

HMRC has capped penalties for late returns of payment information to contractors under the Construction


A new client came to see me yesterday.

He worked for a contractor for 17 weeks last year.

He raised invoices to the contractor.


Hi all,

Hoping someone's around at this time of night to help me...please?  Various facts below:


Bloggs and co are registered under CIS scheme but mainly work for householders. They are having trouble understanding why they should deduct tax via CIS from the very occasional subcontractor.


We are all aware that tax offices across the country have a secret store room of unopened post bags, letters that go unopened - let alone unanswered for weeks.