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Company A is developing a property. It is using as its main subcontractor company B. Mr X owns both companies.


A CIS contractor that i have been dealing with as a sole trader wants to set up as a limited company to avoid paying such high tax as he is self employed.


We process payroll for a couple of recruitment agencies and one of them is looking to move into the construction sector.

A former HMRC employee has been jailed for three years for £358,000


Members of the community have thrashed out at the “accusatory” tone of a letter sent by HMRC headed “Dealing with dishonest tax agents”.


We incorporated a CIS client last year.

The PAYE/CIS registrations for the new company have taken months for HMRC to process, and this has resulted in problems.


A client has had to make a settlement for an earlier year for non decuction of CIS.

the subbie has already paid the tax due on these amounts in any event.


Company  is a CIS sub-contractor and currently pays PAYE quarterly after off-setting CIS tax deducted from  the payments it receives from contractors.


HMRC reassured taxpayers and accountants that its Self Assessment Online services will be fully available ahead of the 31 January filing deadline.


Ok Construction Industry Scheme, how should the invoices be raised for a Sub Contractor?  Should they be T1 or T0?

Currently going in as for example