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Just a quick question; I still have some paperwork (own schedules, documents etc) for clients who are no longer with me - is there any reason to hold on to this stuff or should I just shred it?


Mark Lee invites readers to consider their ambitions for changes in their client base in 2016.


I have always loved being a generalist, and usually build a thorough understanding of a client's business quickly, which they seem to appreciate.  BUT now I'd like to grow my practice and I know th


In this video Simon Clarke the ICPA’s own Membership Development Office reprises his Accountex 2014 presentation on “Gaining and Retaining Clients”.

Your instinctive reply to the question posed in the title of this piece is probably “of course not”, says Mark Lee.


I came to a rapid decision today to say goodbye to Mr Bloggs, who is running me ragged with silly questions. Tax return done and paid for a few weeks ago.


Do you run a SIPP? If the answer to any of those questions is for you, this blog is for you.


If you are like most accountants you probably get approached every now and then by third parties who have a proposition for you, explains Mark Lee.


Mark Lee imagines how a new small business client might address their new accountant. 

To: Our New Accountant,


Mark Lee explores the tendency for accountants to work for clients without payment – sometimes without realising that is what they are doing.