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You know you want to sack a client, but how can you do this? Mark Lee explores the main options available to you.


If you are like most accountants you probably get approached every now and then by third parties who have a proposition for you, explains Mark Lee.


Mark Lee imagines how a new small business client might address their new accountant. 

To: Our New Accountant,


Mark Lee explores the tendency for accountants to work for clients without payment – sometimes without realising that is what they are doing.


I recently lost a client over the most ridiculous reason


It's been a topic of ongoing debate on the website for some time, but do you send your clients' information via email - such as letters, tax returns, etc, or do you use something more secure, like


In completing a clients VAT return I came across a purchase invoice issued in July 2012 that carried 17.5% VAT.


There is a common misconception that accountants sell their time and that this is what clients are buying from them.


According to the Office for National Statistics the economy shrank by 0.3pc in the first quarter of 2012, more than expected, explains the Influence Business’