client communication

This morning at 11am, AccountingWEB joined forces with Xero in a live video webinar to answer practitioners’ questions about cloud accounting.


While online filing removes the pressure of being bogged down with paperwork, it does throw up another concern - client data security.


In August, AccountingWEB member Peter Saxton touched a nerve when he complained, “Clients see


One of the main challenges facing accountants is their ability to empathise with their clients, to understand their problems, and to address any concerns before they become an area for dispute.


Until now, firms regulated by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) have not had to record mobile calls and texts, largely due to the perceived technical complexity involved.

David Winch pinpoints the key flaws in traditional sales conversations and outlines how to improve the process when agreeing engagements with new or existing clients.


Effective client communication is about more than getting the figures right. Rob Ashton explains how to write financial information in plain English.


Communicating effectively with prospects, clients and colleagues relies on asking the right things in the right way, advises Alison Hartley.


Bill Hogg explains how to turn a negative client comments into repeat business.


Now is a great time to attract new clients, but if you don't look after your existing ones, your practice will never grow, advises Rosie Beasley.