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In part two of his presentation, Adrian Swinscoe outlines how accountants can use client complaints as an opportunity to grow their businesses.

In the video below, business growth expert Adrian Swinscoe offers some practical advice for producing delight from dissatisfaction when clients complain.

Stephanie Edwards outlines how to improve your firm's client service by managing your people effectively.


The most successful and profitable firms are those that know how to manage their customers' expectations, explains Paul Shrimpling.


Steve Pipe offers a five step guide to hosting tax surgeries for clients' employees which could create increased fees.


Steve Pipe reveals how successful practices are improving client service, fees, profits and cashflow by adopting a new  business model.


There are two ways to handle your clients, one of which will bring return trade and profits and the other won’t. Paul Shrimpling explains the options.


The politicians are vying to be elected right now, but how you can make sure your clients continue to re-elect you as their financial leader in the years to come?


You may not have spoken to them for months, but it pays to re-establish contact with those fair-weather clients, argues Jack Downton.


You know those slimy salespeople who try to talk you into things you don’t want to do? Don’t be one of those if you want to get referrals, says Paul Shrimpling.