We've undertaken a survey over recent months and asked accountants "Do you feel undervalued by clients ?" .


I was intrigued to read some new and original research published by Robert Craven of The Directors’ Centre, reports Mark Lee. 


Changing the kind of conversations you have with clients can lead to your firm offering a much wider range of ‘virtual finance director’ services and as a result b

There have been many times over the last few years when I have explained to other types of advisers and consultants that most accountants are ‘comfortable’, explai


If you are like most accountants, you will rarely seek out formal feedback from clients.


In 2012 I highlighted some proven ideas to get your first


No not me!

I lost a client this morning…but there isn’t a dark cloud hanging over me.


It’s crunch time, according to the title of the latest episode in our five-part BDO alternative dispute resolution (ADR) video mini-series.

As we’ve seen in the latest episode of BDO’s alternative dispute resolution (ADR) mini-series, mediation day can be tough on both the client and HMRC.

While some accountants win new clients through the force of their personality and reputation, more and more are reliant on their website and social media activity,