Isn’t it amazing how often we experience really bad customer service. And, when we do, doesn’t it really annoy you?

Mark Lee considers the steps start-up practices can take to ensure they maximise the chance of new contacts becoming clients.


In his latest video blog ICPA Chairman Tony Margaritelli reveals his top 5 tips to gain referral business.

Mark Lee follows up his recent piece about threatening clients with a look at how such situations might be avoided.


I have just had a private discussion with a dear friend on here about a nitwit client, and realised that I need to review how I work out who the plonker prospects are upfront so I can quote them mi


We've undertaken a survey over recent months and asked accountants "Do you feel undervalued by clients ?" .


I was intrigued to read some new and original research published by Robert Craven of The Directors’ Centre, reports Mark Lee. 


Changing the kind of conversations you have with clients can lead to your firm offering a much wider range of ‘virtual finance director’ services and as a result b

There have been many times over the last few years when I have explained to other types of advisers and consultants that most accountants are ‘comfortable’, explai