As a company grows, it is essential that the accounting and reporting capabilities grow with it. However, selecting the correct accounting solution can be a daunting process.

Ouch!! A bleeding heart? “Heartbleed” Are you at risk?


Has anyone out there come across a practical cloud based bookkeeping alternative to the clunky mouse-driven rubbish currently on offer?


A new hosted desktop provider has opened its doors to the accountancy marketplace.


The cloud has been advancing steadily in the business management software industry for some time, explains Mark Connolly from

I have been using a network server in my practice for several years.

I would like to store my client's data on Dropbox ( business version ) as

1. Itwould be cheaper


The gap between the successful and less successful UK accounting practices will get much wider in 2014, says Steve Pipe.


For as far back as I can recall the media has asked commentators and consultants to predict what the New Year will bring for accountants, says Mark Lee.


As we come to the end of 2013 our thoughts inevitably turn to the New Year.

Accountants’ websites and emails may be targeted by a piece of ransomware that wipes information from their systems if a fee is not paid.