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I was talking with an accountant just the other day. Her name is Kay.


A new movement is disrupting traditional accountancy tools and techniques. John Stokdyk takes a look at how third-party add-on applications are being used by UK accountants.


The main lesson from the latest 


The Solutions 14 conference in Las Vegas last week provided a suitable setting last week to assess the form of the three big global cloud accounting players.


Cloud accounting firm Xero has launched an online platform to encompass all of its educational content,

John Stokdyk reports from San Jose on the global launch of the latest edition of QuickBooks Online Accountant.

KPMG has set its sights on the small-business market with the launch of a


AccountingWEB editor John Stokdyk digs into our software satisfaction database to stake out the landscape for anyone considering a new small business accounting application.


If there’s one thing more damaging than not having a Financial Director in an organisation, then it’s having an ineffective one.

Like nature, the software industry abhors a vacuum. And start-up companies are continuing to come to market to challenge established practice software suppliers with cloud-based systems.