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Returning time-consuming data entry and paper shuffling tasks to business clients with cloud technology can benefit both sides, according to

Sage chief executive Stephen Kelly and his senior colleagues came to London this week to bang the drum for Sag


For the past few years, AccountingWEB and its members have occasionally taken tax and practice software developers to task for their failure to innovate.


Every year, it seems, someone, somewhere will be predicting that this will be the one when business forecasting takes off in a big way. This year it might be true, writes John Stokdyk.


We are considering offering cloud computing services to our clients.


It may not grab many headlines, but in its own quiet way Sage Corporation Tax Online represents a significant marker in the race to deliver the first comprehensive suite of tax and practice sol


Sage’s results for the year to 30 September demonstrate “organic” revenue growth up 6% to £1.4bn, with statutory profits up by nearly 3% to £194.3m in CEO Stephen Kelly’s first year at the helm.

CrunchBoards, the Brighton-based cloud reporting tool, underwent a major overhaul earlier this month and is repositio

The IRIS-owned cloud accounting program KashFlow has been enhanced during the past couple of weeks with new facilities to handle direct debit and card payments, and to generate PDF management repor


Sage, the UK’s biggest accounting software developer, has received a major endorsement from PwC with the announcement of plans to collaborate further on the Big Four firm’s cloud-based accounting s