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The rapid deployment of the online Sage Impact suite is a further sign that the UK

Accountancy’s accepted wisdom came under a sustained assault from speakers at an event hosted by Receipt Bank in London this week.


Last week ACCA played host to a small group of software firms at its London headquarters, bringing together Microsoft, IRIS, FreeAgent and Exact to demonstrate and explain their cloud software tool


I was at an ACCA software event last week and met a couple of accountants who were assessing the possibility of using the latest cloud accounting programs for their charity clients.


BDO has opened a small business accounting service based partly on the Xero cloud accounting platform.

How is your practice adapting to the challenges brought about by cloud computing and diminishing margins on compliance work?

There can be no more distinctive sign of changing habits in business technology than the debate that continues to rage on AccountingWEB on the relative merits of


A new analytical performance dashboard led the way in a burst of announcements setting out the next phase in New Zealand-based Xero’s strategy to gain the upper hand in the global cloud accounting


For several years, AccountingWEB has been on the look out for what we call “the practice in the cloud” - a web-based system that c