Cloud Computing

In an exclusive chat with editor Stuart Lauchlan, Zach Nelson, the CEO of NetSuite, says the company’s success in the financial and accounting world is down to it being “the


A lot of small businesses that are still recovering from the economic downturn are looking to cut down costs and one way to do that might be to test cloud computing gradually.

Nigel Harris presents an update on FreeAgent Central, one of the pioneers of online accounting in the UK with an application tailored for freelances.


Two Cloud Computing companies have joined forces to launch “a complete business start-up package”, which it is claimed enables new companies the ability to start trading online immediately.

Cath Everett explores the implications of tougher data breach rules proposed by the European Commission


Launched in 2005, KashFlow is one of the more established online accounts services available in the UK.


Microsoft formally launched its Office 365 edition, which puts the familiar Word, Excel and PowerPoint applications into the Cloud.

Berkshire-based chartered certified accountants, Banks & Co has introduced a web-based accounting service using the Online50 Accounting service. Gail Purvis reports.

When even Microsoft sets its sights on Cloud computing and online services, there can be little doubt where software provision is heading.