Cloud Computing

Everyone's talking about Cloud Computing.

Currently, I access my excel files (Outside office) through my Microsoft outlook, but this requires logging in to a website, and resave files as I could no save files automatically.


Having picked up the 2010 Software Satisfaction Award for small business accounting soft

i wish to import 6 years bank records into an accounting package on a one off basis , all suggestions welcome - this is not a recurring job - i have tried excel sorting and subtotals and pivots and


Was last week’s IT Faculty Cloud Computing conference a missed opportunity, as Richard Messik claimed?

In his annual "state of the industry" address, analyst Richard Holway warned of seismic shifts that are threatening the foundations of the technology industry.

The Cloud Computing movement is often characterised by the number of small, start-up organisations who threaten to steal business away from the industry’s more established names.


Cloud Computing and software as a service (SaaS) represent the IT industry’s best response to user needs in the internet era, according to Dr Katy Ring of K2 Advisory services.

12 months ago, Cloud accounting firm officially launched.