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Just like the January sales – which are enjoying an extra level of frenzy this year due to the VAT rate rise on the 4th – the annual Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas and Macworld in San Franc


The war of words between NetSuite CEO Zach Nelson and his arch rivals at German software house SAP is one of the IT industry’s long-running executive soap operas.

The business benefits of Cloud Computing have been clear for quite some time, so why are companies taking so long to adopt it? Chris Challis reports.


Finance and ERP applications are putting up the most resistance in the transition to Cloud computing, delegates heard at the Business Cloud Summit on Tuesday 30 November.


Why are accountants the laggards when it comes to Cloud computing, K2 analyst Kate Hanaghan asked the finance panellists at the Business Cloud Summit on Tuesday.


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Intuit has opened up a UK beta test site of its QuickBooks Online software to solicit feedback from users over the next three months.


I'm just preparing an article now about Intuit's QuickBooks Onli