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Cloud Computing

Cloud accounting took centre stage at the recent Accountex event and attendees seemed more eager than ever to move their operations onto the web – but the technology’s meteoric rise has been ac


Eighteen months ago, the opening lines of a very thought provokin


Whatever way you turn, "the cloud" is a buzzword that is looming over accounting software. 


Though many UK accountants may not be aware of it, the Delft-based Exact Software now claims to be the number three supplier of cloud accounting systems in the world.


Updates to QuickBooks Online (QBO) and other cloud accounting engines are becoming global occasions.


We've been hearing a lot of buzz about Xerocon and I was wondering how many AccountingWEB members are planning to attend?


A new movement is disrupting traditional accountancy tools and techniques. John Stokdyk takes a look at how third-party add-on applications are being used by UK accountants.


Sage may just have missed the chance to get in on AccountingWEB’s Christmas app countdown this year, but the accounting giant debuted two new additions to its ap


The Solutions 14 conference in Las Vegas last week provided a suitable setting last week to assess the form of the three big global cloud accounting players.


I'm at a conference where I met a US CPA whose working with a UK company that recently acquired a firm in the States.