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Cloud Computing

The Solutions 14 conference in Las Vegas last week provided a suitable setting last week to assess the form of the three big global cloud accounting players.


I'm at a conference where I met a US CPA whose working with a UK company that recently acquired a firm in the States.


AccountingWEB’s Practice Excellence Conference is just one week away as atten

Sorry to inflict such a disturbing mental image on you first thing on a Wednesday morning, but the ubiquitous web search/everything giant and the world’s big

John Stokdyk reports from San Jose on the global launch of the latest edition of QuickBooks Online Accountant.

London-based venture capitalist Apax Partners has agreed a deal to

The US subsidiary of German ERP market leader SAP has agreed to acquire onli

The cloud is all around and most people are already using it for online banking, shopping and media storage – and not thinking twi


Expenses management may be an administrative nightmare for many finance teams, but it can be tackled in a way that supports the organisation’s broader commercial

AccountingWEB editor John Stokdyk digs into our software satisfaction database to stake out the landscape for anyone considering a new small business accounting application.