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Coach Carol

First impressions are everything, and the first few weeks of engagement are vital to a good client-accountant relat


With just three weeks to go before the Self Assessment deadline Carol McLachlan and other members offer productivity advice.

With Self Assessment season looming, accountants need to prepare themselves for the tough months ahead. Rachael Power picked up some useful advice from CABA and Carol McLachlan.


AccoungtingWEB member dannybard challenged the status qu


As the Self Assessment filing deadline approaches, many accountants are feeling the stress rushing to file those last-minute tax returns.

Carol McLachlan provides some quick tips to help you cope with stress during the busy season. 

Coach Carol proposes two principles that every meeting should adhere to in order to help bring quality to such office gatherings.


Soft skills: aka transferable skills, behavioural competencies, interpersonal, or people skills - they don’t sound very, well, serious, do they?


Personal development coach and chartered accountant Carol McLachlan is now offering careers advice in Coach Caro


The turkey hasn’t been bought, the presents need to be wrapped, the children haven’t got their costumes for the nativity play...oh, and you’ve still got clients to please.