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Last week I was asked if GreenStones (my accountancy practice) has a standard email to send to follow up referrals we have been given.

Former KPMG accountant and founder of cloud accounting software firm Clearbooks Tim Fouracre brought a new slant to meeting discipline in his recent blog, 


Legally a company has been permitted to ‘go paperless’ in its communications with shareholder/members since the year 2000 (Companies Act 1985 (Electronic Communications) Order 2000)

The scandal surrounding News International executives has brought to the fore a number of issues that accountants face day-in and day-out: how to deal with strong personalities and difficult si


Good communications skills are an essential part of an accountants' professional toolkit. Mark Walsh offers 15 top tips for sharpening those tools.

David Winch pinpoints the key flaws in traditional sales conversations and outlines how to improve the process when agreeing engagements with new or existing clients.


Jacky Morgan outlines how accounting firms can use their 15 minutes of fame to secure ongoing client work.

Could I ask if anyone else has problem communicating with the Revenue? On calling the local office for a Corporation Tax query, I found the phone constantly engaged.