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The results of the community awards 2014, sponsored by Clear Books are out...


So here's a bit of Friday fun - since it's October I want to know, what's the scariest thing that's happened/biggest fright you've received while working?


As a bit of Friday fun, we asked you on Any Answers for your best (or worst) m

AccountingWEB (including John, the editor, Rob, the deputy editor and I) is going to be at Accountex this year with


Recently we’ve had an issue with site notifications not being sent.


Bernard O’Kelly, a director of Douglas-based tax consultancy Fios is the lucky winner of £250 in Amazon vouchers in our 2014 Budget Sweepstake.


When one stressed, depressed accountant vented about her bleak situation


Practitioner Will Parry will be enjoying a few extra treats this winter after being picked at random out of the digital hat containing more than 5,000 respondent

The UK’s leading online community for accountants has joined the big-money Premier League - well, the fantasy version at least.


We have all come across the shoebox, awkward or stubborn client that in retrospect would have been wiser to let go.