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Nigel Davies, head of accountancy services at the Charity Commission, writes about the current taxonomy consultation and the commission’s plans for digital accounts filing.

We have discussed missing filing a years accounts and filing the year after to avoid the penalty.


New client came in yesterday with a 31/1/15 year end. No time to file by 31/10 so did the usual trick and extended the year end to 28/2/15 (always been a bit wary of shortening them).


It's amazing what Companies House allow to be filed.


AccountingWEB caught up with Companies House chief executive Tim Moss to find out about the 


Companies House is on track to make access to all of its digital information free of charge to customers by the end of this month.


I am sure Companies House used to have a really good little booklet detailing directors responsibilities and I was looking for it today to give to a client.  I found this instead:


I've submitted my companies abbreviated accounts  to companies house, but i failed to notice that the dividends was actually a credit movement for the year, more funds were put in than taken out, s


Staff at Companies House in Cardiff sent confidential and personal details to the wrong people, according to a recent freedom of information (FOI) request.


Companies House have just returned formation papers because "business occupation" was not completed for directors.