Companies House

A High Court ruling has found that Companies House was to blame after Cardiff-based engineering firm Taylor & Sons collapsed into administration.



I have a client (Company A) that has a sub (Company B) which is currently dormant as the operations of Company B were absorbed into Company A some time ago.


The migration of content to GOV.UK continues to frustrate accountants, in particular recent changes to Companies House technical guidance.


Hello everyone, 

I have traded for the last two months and have only today registered my company as Ltd. 


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Just wondering what the consensus was:


​Companies House will make all of its digital data free of charge from April 2015. ​


Under the guise of increasing access to finance, the government brought forward proposals to make VAT registration data available to third parties in the Small B

Companies House is the latest website to announce its transfer to web portal

Just received a spam e-mail giving a case number and saying it was from Companies House.

E-mail had an attachment.  


I have been trying to register some new companies , but am gettig a lot of knock backs from CH inc service on the grounds that my proposed names are too similar to existing companies.