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Tweetdeck UK has been dissolved after directors failed to file accounts with Companies House (CH) for eight months.

if you use the abbreviated accounts template and tick add note to creditors under 5 years it refers to creditors over 5 years , I presume that it is because an note is not required , same sort of t

this is badly written

email from CH , cant understand it!


NOTE: Although written in 2013 this article remains relevant as at October 2015 - in particular the section headed 'The Main Pros and Cons'.

Having now got the software to do joint ixbrl filing of Limited Company Accounts to HMRC and Companies House, I am unsure how to get started with the correct ID to use for Companies House.


Yesterday, I did an online request for a shortened period of account to the 30th of March as we had no hope of submitting accounts on time (client fault, not ours).


I have a book-keeping client with a tiny one man band company that did very little last year.


Social media website Twitter is fined after failing to file its UK company accounts with Companies House (CH) on time.


My client has a 31 March year end.  We are unlikely to meet the 31 Dec filing deadline due to personal circumstances (his not mine).  I don't think Companies House will give an extension as I know