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My client has a 31 March year end.  We are unlikely to meet the 31 Dec filing deadline due to personal circumstances (his not mine).  I don't think Companies House will give an extension as I know


The Companies House (CH) leaflet sent with paper submission reminders stresses that submitting online is “faster and more reliable than paper”, but Jennifer Adams is concerned about recent issu


has anyone else been scammed after finishing a webcheck @CH

there is a short survey and an attempt to remove £4.50 per week from your telephone account

bloody disgrace


A local controversy prompts Jennifer Adams to warn all businesses of the need to check the names they plan to use. This article explains the legal and procedural requirements.


ARD is 2802 will they accept accounts made upto 29th Feb 2012 , any ideas?


Hi Everyone,


I was wondering if anyone knows how to access the old share capital forms on the Companies House website now?


Are any other readers being affected by trying to file data at Companies House electronically?


A colleague of ours has had difficulty in submitting VT IXBRL files to companies house, I don't have any details of how they've tried submitting the accounts or any error messages they've had. We h


Like many people, I regularly use the PDF system employed by Companies House for online filing of abbreviated accounts.  This involves downloading the PDF, putting in the figures, and doing the fil