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A colleague of ours has had difficulty in submitting VT IXBRL files to companies house, I don't have any details of how they've tried submitting the accounts or any error messages they've had. We h


Like many people, I regularly use the PDF system employed by Companies House for online filing of abbreviated accounts.  This involves downloading the PDF, putting in the figures, and doing the fil


I have been asked to advise a family property company with c£1 million of assets.  A search at Companies House reveals that they have three mortgages dating back to the 1960s and 1970s, two with Ba


In the second of a series of checklists for closing down companies, Jennifer Adams moves on to the more complicated processes involved in


I have had problems submitting accounts online to Companies House when there are no fixed assets in the comparative figures.


This article has been updated as at September 2015.


We have taken on a new corporate client who wishes 2 years accounts brought up to date as the previous agent has "vanished".  Client suspected nothing had been submitted to HMRC or Co House for tho


Seahorse, the online iXBRL tagging system, can now convert final accounts in Excel spreadsheets into the iXBRL format required for online filing with HMRC.