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I have completed my Accounts and they balance.  However I am now stuck filling out the abbreviated balance sheet and CT600 using the HMRC software.  I am at the Taxation Notes section of the Balanc


I have been asked to send in 3 years of company accounts for a mortage application.


I have a company with very low turnover and cannot  afford accountancy fees to prepare and file annual accounts. Can I do this myself and file them?


Our clients are a limited company

As at January 2011 there were 6 directors each with one share.

In May 2011 one director passed away. The probate is still being sorted out etc.,


Listed energy company APR Energy was forced to issue a statement after failing to get its audited accounts done in time, causing a slump in its share price by 20%.

An overwhelming majority of finance professionals believe the government's proposals to exempt micro-businesses from having to file accounts at Companies House will make it harder for firms to


 I have a small practice and I am currently using HMRC and Companies house joint filing service. Which is quite slow but the good thing is it is integrated. I am looking to buy a software now.


At a CPD course at the end of 2010 there was a discussion as to whether the auditors report required a live signature when filing with Registrar of Companies.


Is S419 C/tax on Loans to Directos (Participators), potentially recoverable, provided for in the financial statements?