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Just double checking on this (my mind's not working properly!)


Hi all,
Please bear with me but really need some help with this one. Our family limited company has just bought some new cars but transactions are little out of ordinary I think.


The job title of fleet manager is becoming increasingly rare in business, but fin


Company is about to enter in to an agreement for :



Just wondering if anybody can clear up the situation with Company Car Leasing/Hire being put down as business expenses.


Two new percentage bands for company cars with low C02 emissions will be published in the Finance Bill 2013 on 28 March.

Tax on company cars hasn’t changed a lot in recent years, apart from changes in emission thresholds and HMRC now reviewing mileage rates quarterly.


Concerns about our environment have given the government cause to increase tax on company cars with the aim of reducing pollution through reducing business miles, writes CIPP'S senior policy li

A recent tribunal confirming HMRC’s increasingly hard line on directors who benefit from company assets could put a brake on company cars provided by partnerships, warns Lesley Stalker