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company car

Have a car in through the business which the employee (me) contributes 100% of the lease costs to.


A client's company provides an employee with a company car.  However this has been financed (lease rental) through the parent company including the finance agreement.


In the long term smaller companies with company cars, especially those who provide cars on contract hire, will feel the bite when the new lease accounting rules come into effect, a company car

As businesses are now using alternative travel, such as taxi hailing apps and car sharing, the road ahead for the company car looks uncertain.


Diesel’s reputation as a fuel for company cars has been polluted.


Due to HMRC not recognising electricity as a fuel, organisations have pulled the plug on introducing 100% electric vehicles to their fleets.


Just double checking on this (my mind's not working properly!)


Hi all,
Please bear with me but really need some help with this one. Our family limited company has just bought some new cars but transactions are little out of ordinary I think.



Company is about to enter in to an agreement for :