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company formation

The term ‘limited liability’ refers to the restricted financial responsibility that company owners have toward paying the debts and liabilities of their business.

Does anyone use Companies House online to form companies for their clients or do you use formation agents? Are we even allowed to form companies for our clients i.e.


Hi all

I'll try and explain with as much clarity as possible – hopefully the level of detail is a plus!


12 months, one firm and a target of £150,000 to raise for local and national charities - can it be done?

Can anyone point me in the right direction -

I need to set up a company with 2 share classes in the next 24 hours- would like to do online (& cheap)


Following its opening statement supporting the motion, "This house believes accountants should get more involved with company formations" Jordans addresses the points raised in the reply from F

I am an ACA accountant with a practising certificate. 

I have been asked by a colleague of my husband if I can advise him in incorporating his company. 


As the principal opposer, Formations Direct puts the case against the motion: "This house believes that accountants need to get more involved with company formations to add value to their clien