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Company formations

In recent weeks, two leading company formations agents have been battling for the hearts and minds of AccountingWEB members in an online debate.

As the debate on paying the correct (whatever that means) amounts of corporation tax rages on, almost all pundits agree that the myriad allowances is what creates avoidance schemes and loopholes.


I have been having somewhat of a Twitter debate with a company formation agent. Basically they tried spamming me with a 'great' offer.  So I questioned their cost structure.


NOTE: This article has been updated as at October 2015


NOTE: This article has been updated as at November 2015.


This article has been updated as at September 2015

Jennifer Adams considers the pros and cons of the different methods by which companies can be incorporated.

15 has introduced a cheaper, easier to use Web Incorporation Service.


My currrent agent has become slighlty sloppy (e.g. sending invoice to client rather than us!) so am looking for an alternative.


I have had a call from a potential client from a mailshot I did a couple of weeks ago.