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Company Tax

My client has asked his bank for a loan.

He's shown the bank the year end accounts, the tax returns and tax computations and the tax return acknowledgement.


Having spent many years accounting for finances leases and doing tax computations we were horrified to discover yesterday that we have been doing it all wrong!



I setup a company in Oct 2012 when investors bought into my idea and we incorporated the company. Our financial year ended October just gone and I am now preparing the accounts.


Large companies have seen their overall taxes go up by 19% since 2005 despite the double-dip recession and a drop in corporation tax, according to a new report fro


Robert Lovell has reported elsewhere on AWEB on an apparently well meaning government proposal to simplify reporting requirements for very small businesses (those with turnover up to 500,000 euro o


My client, X Ltd has invested in 30% Ord Share capital of Y Ltd. However X Ltd has also made interest free loans (£50K) to two directors (D & E) of Y Ltd.