By Terry Hayes, Senior Tax Analyst, Thomson Reuters

Auto enrolment, online payroll and the new UK GAAP are adding to accountants’ stress levels as they look forward to 2015.

HMRC has published new guidance on its new accelerated payment powers, which may require thousands of taxpayers to p


will auto-enrolment flower or explode?Will auto-enrolment flower or blow up?

While all the noise is about the risks of employers not fulfilling their duties to set up and establish the processes to make “auto-enrolment” happen, the point of auto-enrolment, which is of cours


With thousands of small to medium sized business (SMBs) still not prepared for auto-enrolment, accountants are perfectly placed to ensure clients understand their obligations and are ready to i


HMRC has beaten its target for tax investigation work by £2bn in the last year, bringing the total revenue it raised through compliance work to a new all time high


It would not have escaped members’ notice that ‘transparency’ and ‘accountability’ ar