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compliance checks

I'm wondering if the the VAT 457 form has been changed since 2007 and if so when, the reason I ask is that the top copy (original) was not signed on return of records, but I have recently (belatedl


To cater for situations where an accountant has been called in to assist a client with one of HMRC's new style compliance checks, the department has published a


With the advent of iXBRL, we've been exploring the possibility of running risk assessments and detailed compliance checks on accounts before they get submitted to HMRC alongside the CT600 form.


Nearly four years ago the government introduced a set of new rules that HMRC must follow when undertaking a taxpayer compliance check.

After a year of development and testing, HMRC has introduced its range of Self Assessment tax toolkits


A year on from the introduction of HMRC’s new inspection powers and compliance checks, tax agents and practitioners are still finding it hard to adjust to the new regime.


Full details of dates and availability for the Learning Together events has now been published.