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The US subsidiary of German ERP market leader SAP has agreed to acquire onli

Expenses management may be an administrative nightmare for many finance teams, but it can be tackled in a way that supports the organisation’s broader commercial

At 11am this morning, AccountingWEB is hosting a live webinar

Value added tax issues continue to be an area of confusion among businesses and individuals alike, explains Concur director


Introduced to the UK 40 years ago on the 1 April 1973  as a part of the UK's entry into the European Economic Community, VAT was supposed to be straightforward and

International expenses management specialist Concur has released a series of myth-busting whitepapers for businesses that need advice about expenses.


UK companies paid £692m last year in out of policy expenses, according to a new


Travel and expense management provider Concur is offering its customers a mobile app that encompasses business travel, business expense reporting and receipt management. 

The expectation, when reading an article about poor corporate expense behaviour, is to discover tips such as “take more long train journeys rather than domestic flights” explains


Specialist expenses management software company Concur continued its 2011 consolidation march with a £12m+ deal to acquire its UK rival, GlobalExpense.