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Make no mistake, the Christmas period can sometimes feel overwhelming.

Alongside the ground troops of the finance department, the busy Christmas period is just as stressful for financial directors and those in charge.

Employees on the finance team frontline can find themselves overwhelmed with the sheer bulk of work, such as invoicing and expenses, which can suddenly appear before the company shuts down for

Christmas is a time of peace. Snowdrifts, naps in front of the fire and a break from the toils of work. Remember that famous opening line of ‘Twas the Night before Christmas’?

Did you know that the week commencing 14 December is set to be the busiest expense week of the year?

Keeping a reign on expenses can be a difficult, often Quixotic mission. There are some tips and tricks you can stick to, though, to make life a little easier.

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Expenses management may be an administrative nightmare for many finance teams, but it can be tackled in a way that supports the organisation’s broader commercial

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Value added tax issues continue to be an area of confusion among businesses and individuals alike, explains Concur director