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One of the gains of working with cloud applications is driving efficiencies in basic bookkeeping and accounting relationships, says Richard Sergeant of Principle Point.

As NHS executives face investigation for being paid off payroll, an expert has said that it is the "tip of an iceberg" in the public sector amid widespread ignoring of contractor tax rules.


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Juggling parenthood with a career can be a struggle for anyone, but for two working mums who have just started their own accountancy practice, it’s actually a dream come true.

Contractors receive payments weekly.  What software is there to process their weekly income please.  The contractors want to know each week how much they can get paid safely from their companies.


Two solid, blue coloured, second edition paperbacks do what they say they do in their titles, explains Gail Purvis.


Where building contractors carry out works which are zero rated or reduced rated for VAT; that has implications for any sub-contractors they engage.