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corporate fraud

Has anyone come across this?  Any advice?


Former Enron chief executive Jeffrey Skillng could be released from prison 10 years earlier than expected.

A young financial controller who stole more than £90,000 from Britain's top property tycoons was

Former executives at medical device maker Thornton Precision Components (TPC), the UK subsidiary of Symmetry Medical, have reached a settlement with the US regulator over an

Accountant and former Langbar International chief executive Geoffrey Stuart Pearson will go before a disciplinary board next month in relation to his involvement in a multi-million pound fraud.

Corporate fraud reporting requirements are confusing and lack a common thread, according to a new report published by independent fraud watchdog, the Fraud Advisory Panel (FAP).


The higher you go up the business ladder, the more likely you are to encounter corporate dishonesty and the murky waters can soon engulf the unwary, warns criminal defence lawyer Martin Cunning


Criminal lawyer and fraud investigation expert Martin Cunningham offers advice for employers on how to spot possible dishonesty in the workplace.