corporation tax

A loss for Corporation Tax purposes was made in the year 2007, and this loss set off against profits for the year 2009.

 Have been trying to file CT returns for 2010 using the Drummohr software.


I have a client who is being forced to restructure the ownership structure of his Companies by his bank.


My client is a company which does not trade but rather holds investments (stocks & shares).


Have scoured the web (including HMRC) and found no answers...

Im wondering whether as an authorised agent can I sign a clients CT41G on their behalf?


One of my clients wishes to convert their husband and wife partnership to a limited company. The husband is the main fee earner and his wife does a bit of admin work.


Client company has lost clients, and ceased trading, and cannot pay £6k Corporation Tax.  Very aggressive Collector says "Mr A was sole employee of the Company, and took remuneration by way of a co


Plans to overhaul the taxation of company profits in the European Union have received a mixed response from across the profession.


I own 90% of the share capital of a UK trading company, which holds 100% of a US-resident trading company.


Has anybody else encountered this problem.