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corporation tax

Start up technology company has tax losses from start of trading - looking to sell the business (core technology / customer base has value to others).




Could anyone explain if storage income is treated the same as rental income on a corporation tax return please?



As the debate on paying the correct (whatever that means) amounts of corporation tax rages on, almost all pundits agree that the myriad allowances is what creates avoidance schemes and loopholes.


We have a limited company client with a local hot food retail business.


I've just acquiried a new client, who either isn't terribly bright, or is trying to be clever and not doing it very well.


Tax advisers are usually hard to please, but draft clauses for the 2012 Finance Bill and other tax updates published by the


My client has belatedly performed an exercise to "tidy up" an inherited messy fixed asset register.  The net effect is that substantially more assets have been identified.


I advised a client on the buy back of own shares, obtaining confirmation by HMRC that they accepted capital treatment for the vendor on disposal.


Chancellor George Osborne announced a credit-easing programme for small businesses and ruled out tax cuts in his


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