corporation tax

I am treasurer of a small members club which is set up as a company and has investment income, so there is a requirement to file a tax return, which of course will now need to be under iXBRL.


 I have 2 limited companies, and filed online CT600 returns for both earlier this month.


 My client's property letting company has been claiming interests payable on private loans (to buy properties) as expenses for Corportation tax purposes for the past 5 years.


I have a client Company who is part of a group in which all the subsidiaries are wholly owned by the Holding Company.


Is a Uk company that is 100% owned by a foreign company, an associate comapny for corporation tax?.


A loss for Corporation Tax purposes was made in the year 2007, and this loss set off against profits for the year 2009.

 Have been trying to file CT returns for 2010 using the Drummohr software.


I have a client who is being forced to restructure the ownership structure of his Companies by his bank.