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I understand that Companies House and HMRC use the word Dormant in slightly different ways. 


Suppose ABC Ltd (not the real name) pays to have a garage at a domestic property (which is jointly owned by Mr and Mrs Smith) converted to habitable space which will then be used


As part of a training exercise I had the interesting experience of using the HMRC on-line corporation tax service yesterday, and guess what?


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HMRC have been chasing a client for accounts. He said he's sent me information and he asked me to phone HMRC and explain.

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A quick query to run by you.


I am treasurer of a small members club which is set up as a company and has investment income, so there is a requirement to file a tax return, which of course will now need to be under iXBRL.


 I have 2 limited companies, and filed online CT600 returns for both earlier this month.


 My client's property letting company has been claiming interests payable on private loans (to buy properties) as expenses for Corportation tax purposes for the past 5 years.