corporation tax

I am a humble management accountant and have stumbled upon an area that is confusing to me!


I need to report the 25% charge to corporation tax on a directors loan at the financial year end ( Dec 10).


My client has a very successful retail business and it generates a lot of significant excess cashflow.


I have a company who owns a building and rents it out. No other income. It is therefore clearly an investment company.

I have a client who is trying to raise finance for a trading Company from private individuals resident in both the UK and Hong Kong.  I am looking at the tax implications of interest vs dividends f


 I'm about to appeal a penalty determination received today, but wanted to check that I was actually on the right footing....


Community Interest Company

Is there any difference in accounts layouts for CIC?

Does this type of company pay corporation tax?


It’s been said before, and we’ll say it again – the most efficient way to create a set of iXBRL-format accounts for filing with HMRC’s Corporation Tax return is to


Charity owns 100% of the shares in trading subsidiary company.

Charity does not submit tax return.


I have a client (limited company) who purchased an item of plant and machinery under a finance lease 7 years ago.