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A survey of the UK’s largest companies shows a marginal increase in taxes borne despite the recent reductions in the rate of corporation tax, PwC has reported.

The Smith Commission has recommended that Holyrood should take almost complete control over income tax.


Corporation tax is “remarkably volatile” and open to “manipulation”, and devolution may require a system of formulary apportionment of profits, a devolution expert has told MPs.

I have a couple of principles I hope to double check with those members more knowledgeable in Corporate Tax matters than I due to recent events within our business.



Leaked tax documents revealing tax rulings between Luxembourg and more than 340 multinationals have been published after a six-month investigation by the International Consortium of Investigati


The tax returns of two thirds of the 800 largest businesses operating in the UK are under “enquiry”, HMRC


Further devolution of income taxes to Scotland should be implemented on a step by step basis to avoid problems in implementation and the risk of unintended consequences, the Institute of Charte

Further devolution of taxes to Scotland will create more complexity and anti-avoidance legislation will be needed to deal with cross-border issues, tax experts have told MPs.


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