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corporation tax

My client, a company, spent heavily on plant and machinery in calendar year 2013 giving rise to a substantial loss after claiming maximum AIA.


The OECD will reveal on 16 September its first recommendations for international action to tackle “base erosion and profit shifting” (BEPS).

Two of the country's biggest tax and practice software suppliers have broken up over their shared corporation tax software relationship.


The Chartered Institute of Taxation has welcomed the passing of the



I have a client that has two company's.  One profit making and the other loss making


Oliver Letwin the other day returned to the theme of a flat tax.


In the second in a series of AccountingWEB articles summarising the key measures in

Does a Private Investment Company attract corporation tax if it's only income is the dividend payment from a trading company it is a 50% shareholder of.



Client paid Corp tax for correct amount on 26 June to HMRC although it isn't due until 1st November.



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