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corporation tax

Does a Private Investment Company attract corporation tax if it's only income is the dividend payment from a trading company it is a 50% shareholder of.



Client paid Corp tax for correct amount on 26 June to HMRC although it isn't due until 1st November.


Saatchi & Saatchi founder Lord Saatchi has called on the government to offer major tax cuts to the UK’s small firms.


A Ltd is a full subsidiary of B Ltd.

A is taken into administration and liquidated resulting in capital losses. B wishes to utilise these losses via group relief.



Just had a client ask me if I can move some of the 2012/13 income to 2013/14 financial year to reduce their tax bill for 2012/13 as they are expecting a loss in 2013/14.


The First Tier Tax Tribunal recently heard the case of Ghelanis Superstore and Cash and Carry Ltd v HMRC (TC03251).

I have a client, Company A, who in Nov-13 purchased 100% of the shares in Company B.  Company B has losses for the financial year ended Apr-13 but not yet completed it's tax return.



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