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corporation tax

Has anybody been receiving penalties in respect of their clients for late filed corporation tax returns - especially if the returns have been filed on time and acknowledged?


Sitting untouched in accruals for my new small OMB client company is a £9k director's bonus accrued at year ended Feb 2012.


I have a situation, which must be fairly common, where two otherwise unconnected shareholders/directors have 50% each of the share capital of a trading company.


A client engaged another accountancy firm who specialise in marketing and selling companies to sell his company. I'm responsible for filing the corporation tax return.


I would like to explore the opportunity of exchanging services with a qualified accountant looking at starting there website, I am a new business and looking for assistance with Paye and corporatio


So that time of year is coming and I have to file my first accounts for my LTD company.


HMRC is preparing to introduce new iXBRL tags to be applied to detailed profit and loss accounts filed alongside corporation tax returns.


A couple of issues I have never managed to resolve when using HMRC's Joint Online filing software - I wonder if anyone knows any solutions?!



The House of Lords committee on economic affairs says the corporation tax regime is not working and needs major reform.



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