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The patent box regime was introduced on 1 April, and will enable companies to apply a lower rate of CT on worldwide profits. 

One of my IT contractor clients has been out of work for 2 years and decided to close his company.


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I am a qualified accountant(member of ACCA) and working for an accounting practice. I prepare accounts and tax return for small business clients as an employee.


In the past, we have usually applied to HMRC for an exemption from having to make CT600 returns for any organisation where Mutual trading clearly applied.


UK headquarters with a Indian branch.  The core activities are selling hardware and software.  Both companies have less than 5 employees


We present a round-up of predictions from our Budget 2013 sponsor TaxCalc and other tax experts. Now it’s your turn.


Large companies have seen their overall taxes go up by 19% since 2005 despite the double-dip recession and a drop in corporation tax, according to a new report fro


In December 2012 the government introdduced new targeted anti-avoidance rules (TAARs) in its latest b

David Gauke, exchequer secretary to the Treasury, has agreed to review a series of proposals submitted by BDO on changes to the tax regime for medium-sized businesses.