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corporation tax

I have a client who is a courier company, and they regularly incur parking fines.


Client has got a shop. He takes card payments, but due to a change of policy at the merchant account at the bank decided to freeze and hold back some monnies as a security.



Hi - Hopefully someone can come up with the answer on this for me.  I have asked to be treasurer of a small local business networking group.  Each member of the group pays £10 per meeting and the r


With G8 leaders chewing over aggressive corporate tax avoidance at their Lough Erne summit

I got Corporation Tax assessed with a tax related %age penalty as I had not submitted CT Return;


Global technology giant Apple came under fire from the US senate this week, as it was accused of large scale tax avoidance


A little advice and guidance from other people's experiences would be appreciated.


George Osborne is a great believer in tax competition (and “believer” is the word, as the evidence is not there to support him).



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