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With G8 leaders chewing over aggressive corporate tax avoidance at their Lough Erne summit

I got Corporation Tax assessed with a tax related %age penalty as I had not submitted CT Return;


Global technology giant Apple came under fire from the US senate this week, as it was accused of large scale tax avoidance


A little advice and guidance from other people's experiences would be appreciated.


George Osborne is a great believer in tax competition (and “believer” is the word, as the evidence is not there to support him).


The Bank of Ireland lost a first-tier tribunal appeal that will force it to pay £30m corporation tax on a £91m gain.


Tax breaks such as the patent box and a 20% corporation tax rate by 2015 could see the UK challenge Ireland for foreign investment.

The patent box regime was introduced on 1 April, and will enable companies to apply a lower rate of CT on worldwide profits. 


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