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I am struggling to set up the Adobe trust settings for the HMRC website so I can file a CT return.


We received Notices of correction to Corporation Tax returns last week for two different clients, where HMRC have revised the Self assessment to show Section 419 tax where Directors Loan accounts a


I've already searched for solutions to this particular prob but can't find anything that's worked so far -so apologies if I'm repeating queries by others.


Can the Cost of settling a dispute over Intellectual Property between two companies be claimed as an allowable business expense  for the "losing" company?


Company suffered large loss of stock, machinery due to major fire but received an insurance payout for;


We have a client who's year end is 31 January. For the year to 2012 they are showing profit of 300K and tax of around 100k.



Software provider CaseWare has te

Mobile phone giant Vodafone is under pressure again after it emerged it did not pay any corporation tax in the UK last year.


HMRC’s long-term strategy for mandatory iXBRL tagging has been watered down as a result of recent consultations on its “digital by default” strategy.



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