Court of Appeal

Greene King has confirmed it will take its long-running fight with HMRC over a £21m tax planning scheme, known as Project Sussex, 


Convicted fraudster Richard Hillgrove has filed his tax evasion case to the Court of Appeal ahead of sentencing next month.


West Midlands accountancy firm Harben Barker succeeded in convincing the Court of Appeal to overturn the £1m negligence claim brought by a client who alleged the


Boutique tax firm NT Advisors, described by the Revenue as a serial avoidance promoter, has


HMRC has invited charities to put in claims for overpaid stamp

HMRC is celebrating a legal victory after the Court of Appeal ruled against a £68m scheme used to avoid stamp-duty land tax (SDLT), overturning a previous ruling by the 


The Court of Appeal recently ruled on the appeal of a criminal lifestyle confiscation and output VAT case, which accountants may find "disappointing", 


Airport operator BAA lost an appeal against HMRC, after the Court of Appeal ruled that £6.7m of VAT incurred on professional fees could not be reclaimed.

Travel agents are likely to face increased tax bills on their commission after HMRC won a Cou


Companies outside the EU will find it easier to claim tax relief on UK subsidiaries following a recent Court of Appeal ruling.