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In the past five years, massive open online courses (or, MOOCs [pronounced ‘mook’]) have blossomed into an attractive route for accountants looking to diversify their skills.

A chartered accountant has been reprimanded and fined for not sending forms to certify his compliance with requirements for continuous professional development (CPD).


It's March - that time of year when practices may be spring cleaning and thinking of things like continuous professional development/education (CPD/E).

I'm considering using Mentor UK online training (http://www.mentor-uk.com) to gain some CPD this year and just wondered if anyone has used them


Management accountants will be able to get training in human resources and management under a new agreement between the CIMA and the CIPD.

With the 2013/14 tax lecture season looming and accountants planning their CPD requirements for the rest of the year, Robert Lovell rates four tax lectures he atte


AccountingWEB has got some interesting topics lined up for a series of webinars over the coming months, but we’d like to find out when would be the best time to ru


AccountingWEB.com, Sift Media's US accounting website, has kicked off a virtual conference featuring recognised speakers

In recent months, the ICAEW has started punishing accountants who continue to pay their membership fees, but fail to complete their annual self certification of continuing professional developm


It is that time of year when the countdown to exam results is in full flow for many. But for those of you who have sat (and hopefully passed) all exams now, there are a number of careers-based