Before everyone bunks off for the Jubilee weekend, I’m curious to know how many AccountingWEB members spend their spare time listening to work-related podcasts.


Mark Lee explores the wide range of options, resources and practical considerations for start-up practices looking to arrange their own technical CPD.

Mark Lee kicks off a new series on CPD for start-up practices, explaining what CPD really means and suggesting a collaborative approach as the way forward.


As the Self Assessment filing deadline approaches, many accountants are feeling the stress rushing to file those last-minute tax returns.

Well, the webinar was delivered yesterday . It wasn't so much nerves about "public" speaking - I am no stranger to that , it was more about not being able to guage reaction from their faces.

Next week I am delivering a webinar and have been practising , as you can imagine .

Communication skills and problem solving are arguably as important as our technical skills but we spend little time developing these.


Coach Carol proposes two principles that every meeting should adhere to in order to help bring quality to such office gatherings.


Having spent 30 years as a leadership consultant, RA Consultancy’s Colin Reeve is still in awe of those who develop and practi

Soft skills: aka transferable skills, behavioural competencies, interpersonal, or people skills - they don’t sound very, well, serious, do they?