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The government did not make mention of the patent box or research and development (R&D) tax credits as in previous years, during Budget 2015.


It's a sad fact, but in the creative industry accountants, lawyers, business advisors and the like are still often viewed as a ‘necessary evil’.

British companies developing video games will be able to claim tax relief of up to 25% on their production costs from this week. 


I'm often banging on about the fact that creatives aren't generally the best in the world at 'doing numbers' - or at least keeping their accounting house in order.  I've also made it clear that, in


When it comes to tax avoidance (or, as accountants have been more correctly calling it for some years, tax planning ), there are legal and moral perspectives.

At a recent event that brought musicians, accountants and accountancy software together (yes, really), my view that creative people generally don’t ‘do’ numbers was reinforced by an up and comi


The Department of Culture, Media and Sports has issued a consultation on the “cultural tests”