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Glasgow logistics group Braid has reached a £2.2m settlement with the Crown Office after an internal probe of the company's finances 

The government has 

A former HMRC criminal investigator from Birmingham, who tipped off his friends when their VAT scam was uncovered, has been jailed for a year.


The director of three payroll and book-keeping companies who pocketed his employees’ tax and National Insurance Contributions (NICs) and failed to pay VAT bills has been jailed for two years.

Fraud, fines, egalitarian principles and Icelandic republics: We’ve got it all on the Lowdown this morning.

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A former HMRC tax officer who set up an online business trading games consoles, video games and DVDs has been sentenced for stealing more than £12,000 from the public purse.


A former assistant manager at Grant Thornton has been jailed for three years for embezzling more than £726,000; money that was intended to go to charity.


An accountant has been ordered to repay the £34,000 he stole from the Christian centre he was volunteering for.


A Torquay bookkeeper received a 8 month suspended prison sentence for paying a client’s tax bill into his own account rather than to HMRC.

Have you any experience of a bank freezing an account pending a response to a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) made by the bank's anti-money laundering department to the National Crime Agency (NCA)